What if I withdraw?

Life happens – we get it. Should you choose to withdraw from Mercer University we will refund your meal membership cost based on the criteria below.

Each meal membership operates from Wednesday to Tuesday and are prorated on a weekly basis.  The chart below shows the amount of refund (before Dining Dollars used) based on the date you withdraw. 

You are responsible for the cost of the full week you withdraw regardless of usage.


Meal Membership: Unlimited Plus $3,429.00
Withdraw date: October 21, 2021  
10 weeks used @ $201.71 $2,017.10
Credit due: $1,411.90


Block 75 is refunded based on meal usage. Prorated at $9.66 per meal / cash equivalency plus dining dollars used.

Dining Dollar memberships are refunded UNUSED funds only regardless of date of withdraw. 


Feel free to contact auxserv@mercer.edu to discuss your refund prior to withdraw. 

We are happy to help you!


Prorate chart Fall 2021