Mail and Document Services

Mercer Mail and Document Services has now been consolidated into one location to better serve you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this mean?  All student packages and letters can now be picked up in one location at the University Center.  No need to go to the Student Center to pick up letter mail and to the Auxiliary Services Building to pick up your packages.  All mail will be distributed now from the University Center Location.

How do I know when I have mail? Students will receive an email when they have mail to pick up. Packages or Letters.  When you arrive at the Mail and Document Services Office scan your Bear Card in the Pick-up Kiosk and then proceed to the counter.  The mail center staff will retrieve your mail and deliver it to you at the counter.

What are your hours of operation?   Mercer Mail and Document Services will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday throughout the summer.  * Watch for expanded hours starting in mid-August for the Fall Semester.

What if I have a Copy or Document Services order I need to place?  Stop by the Center at the UC and the staff will be happy to help.  The Mail and Document Services Center processes copy and print orders for Students, Staff, Faculty and University Departments.

Do you sell postage and postage supplies for shipping?  Yes - Mercer Mail and Document Services has a supply of shipping and package materials as well as stamps.

What if I haven’t cleaned out my old post office box at the Student Center?  All mail placed into the old campus post office boxes that arrived prior to May 11, 2018 will be available for pickup at the old student post office location in Connell through June 1, 2018.  After June 1st all mail will be transferred to the University Center.  Mail more than 60 days old will be returned to the sender.

Did The Bear Card & Auxiliary Services Office move also?  NO The Auxiliary Services and Bear Card Office are still in the Auxiliary Services Building.  Please contact this office if you need a Bear Card, Meal Membership Plan or have a question about any of the other campus services provided by this office.


Still have questions or concerns? 

Contact Mercer Mail & Document Services at (478) 301-COPY  (2679)   or (478) 301-2020

Mercer Bear Card Office (478) 301-2929

Mercer Auxiliary Services (478) 301-2741