Multifactor Authentication Instructions

Set up Guide for Mobile Accounts

Before you begin the installation process be sure you have had a photo approved by the Bear Card Office.    IF  you have not uploaded a photo, please email with your name and MUID and a email will be sent for you to upload a photo and copy of government-issued ID.

 TIP - When you select the 365 link provided below do so on a device other than the phone you are adding the Bear Card to, such as a tablet or computer.  you will need to scan a QR code to link your account to the MFA app.

  1. Download these apps to your mobile:  Transact eAccounts (red arrow) &  Microsoft Authenticator device (blue lock).

To continue set up complete the following steps:

  1. Select the link to the MFA login screen: 365 Account Overview. Here you will sign in using your Mercer University credentials.
  • FACULTY AND STAFF:   All campuses, including Law: Use your email address.  (ex: 
  • STUDENT:   Use your and your MyMercer Password (including Law)

3.  After signing in to your Microsoft 365 Account, you may be directed directly to your account home screen, look for the security info box and select update info. And select add method, and choose  Authenticator app and proceed to the steps below. After login on 2nd screen:

  • After selecting to add the Authenticator App, select next on the step that is asking you to download the app as you have already done this, if you have not download the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  • On this screen select the option to and QR code.
  • Open the Authenticator App on your phone. and proceed to the steps below.

On phone:

  • On your device and skip until you see the option to add an account (usually 3 times)
  • On iphone the  + to add account will be on the top right,
  • On Android the option to add account will be on the center of your screen.
  • Be sure you select Add Work or School. (Do not enter your information, you will scan a QR code)
  • Give app camera permission (camera should open to take a photo automatically after access is granted)
  • Scan the QR code on the tablet/computer screen with your device’s camera if you are unable to scan the QR code select the option under it “can’t scan image” and follow the prompts there.
  • After scanning the QR code select NEXT on the tablet or computer screen, then approve on your phone, and continue selecting next on the tablet or computer screen.
  • The App may prompt you to add a phone number at this point (if one’s not already in your account)

Follow the prompts on the screen (the Authenticator will text you a 6 digit code you will enter on the tablet or computer screen)