Multifactor Authentication Instructions

First steps:

  1. Be sure you have had a photo approved by the Bear Card Office. If you have not, send an email with your name and MUID. An email will be sent to you to upload a photo and copy of government-issued ID
  2. Download two apps to your iphone/android device: Microsoft Authenticator (blue icon with white lock) and Transact eAccounts (red icon with two white arrows)
  3. In order to have the Bear Card installed on your mobile device you must setup the Microsoft Authenticator. To do so follow the steps detailed below.

Select this link to your Mercer University provided 365 Account Overview: Microsoft 365 Account  

FACULTY AND STAFF (all campuses) : Use your email and email password

       STUDENT: Use your and your MyMercer Password

Law Students, Faculty and Staff will also login with these credentials, not @lawmail or @law.mercer also, if you receive an error message in the eAccounts app stating you don’t have permission, or if you are prompted to sign in again to your 365 account, contact us so we can have the IT Department set up your account properly.


After sign-in find the Security Information Tile and select Update Info. Here you will setup the Microsoft Authenticator App and add your Mobile Number.

  • Look for “ + method “ and select the Authenticator App in the drop down menu. On the following screen you hit next if you have already downloaded the App if you have not, download the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  • On this screen the options are to Pair account to the App by clicking this link and QR code.
  • Select the option to Pair
  • This should open the Microsoft Authenticator (you may be prompted to unlock the app)
  • Once the App opens, your account should automatically be added (you should see it listed and have a message your account was added successfully)
  • Once your account is listed, navigate back to the 365 overview (your Internet app you are using)
  • Once back, hit NEXT to test the communication between the App and your 365 account. .
  • You should receive a notification to approve sign-in approve and then hit next

(Android notification is usually on the same screen, Iphone you may have to navigate to the Authenticator to approve)

  • After approval, you should see a green bar load saying it was successful, after this the App set up is complete and you will add your mobile number.
  • Select “+ Method” again and in the drop-down menu choose Phone
  • Add mobile number, if blank and then text me a code.
  • Enter that code and select next, the green bar telling you it was successful should load


Now Set Your Default Sign-in Method. (How you receive the notification from the Authenticator)

  • Above “+ Method” you should see “Set Default Sign-in Method - (it may already to set to call)
  • Here you will choose to have the Authenticator App text a code or use the App to approve any sign-in requests.
  • Once you have done this you are finished with the Microsoft Authentication setup and may proceed to the Transact eAccounts App.

Adding Bear Card to Phone:

  • Open the Transact eAccounts App and skip until you get to the “getting started screen”
  • Search for Mercer University and select it.
  • Login: Students will use just their MUID and My Mercer Password

Employees will use their email without and will use their email password

  • Approve the sign-in request: Text: enter code where prompted

App: go to Authenticator App and approve sign-in

  • Once you sign in you should see the option to add to your device’s wallet (Iphone add to apple wallet, Android add to G/Google Pay) follow the prompts
  • Follow device prompts, once added the Bear Card is ready for use.
  • Android users be sure your NFC is on in your phone’s settings.


**Law Students, Faculty and Staff if you receive an error message when logging in to the eAccounts app stating you don’t have permission, or if you are prompted to sign in again to your 365 account, contact the Bear Card Office so we can IT set up your account properly. **



See the Apple User’s and Android user’s guide on the Auxiliary Services website for device specific set-up and removal


If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Bear Card Office during regular business hours at 478-301-2929 or email us anytime.


FAQs and Concerns can also be found on the Auxiliary Website