Mobile Credentials

The Bear Card is now Mobile!

Using the contact-less capabilities in your smartphone, the Bear Card now grants access to services normally featured in a traditional physical plastic ID card.
The Mobile Bear Card along with our Cloud Card Online Photo submission eliminates the need to visit the Bear Card Office in person, therefore continuing Mercer University’s commitment to minimize exposure and maintain social distancing.

By default, mobile credentials will be activated for all incoming students. 

Requests for a physical card will be charged a $35.00* fee. This includes replacement, expired, or damaged cards. Enrollment verification and government issued ID is required.

* plus tax and applicable credit/debit card processing fee

You can not have an active mobile credential AND an active physical card.

Contact the office at 478-301-2929 for more information about any fees that may apply for lost/stolen/damaged replacement cards.

Setting up your Bear Card on your mobile device is a easy as following a few simple steps!
1. Be sure you have submitted a photo from the Cloud Card Online Photo link and it has been approved ( link provided in an email)
2. Complete the Microsoft Multifactor Authentication - MFA (set up guide on website)
3. Download and Set up the eAccounts app

  • In your app store, download “Transact eAccounts”.
  • Once downloaded, do NOT go into card management. This will freeze your entire account.

4. Follow the Set up guide for your device (provided on website)

5. You are good to go!

Contact Bear Card office if you have any issues. 478-301-2929 or email