About the Bear Card

The Way to Pay

Bear Bucks Account - a prepaid, stored-value account that's part of your Bear Card - is the convenient, cashless way to pay on and off campus. The campus area's most popular businesses accept the Bear Bucks Account, and you can use it to pay for restaurants, delivery, haircuts and more. The Bear Bucks Account has you covered, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You've got the Bear Bucks Account. You've got the Way to Pay.

It's your official ID. It's your access to buildings, the library and athletic events. It's The Way to Pay for everything you need, on campus and off.

Lost your card?  Come by our office during normal business hours for a replacement. Cost = $35.00 effective July 1, 2020.

Bear Card Features 


No need to carry cash, checks, and credit cards.

Off Campus

You can use it off campus at all your favorite places.


Up-to-date balances available at every receipt after you make a purchase or at VTS stations.


It's simple for you or your parents to deposit money into the account throughout the semester. Balances roll over each term or year.

Debt Free

Not a credit card - no ugly debts. When you buy...you own, not owe.


Make a secure deposit or get up-to-date balance reports and your transaction history- available with a click of the mouse here.


Parents feel comfortable making deposits knowing you can only spend at places approved by the University, on campus and off.


Your Bear Card lost or stolen? No problem! Just notify the Bear Card Office and we'll deactivate your old card and transfer any balances to a new card right away.


Through a Wells Fargo Account you can use your Bear Card as your ATM and debit card (click here for more info).

Go Bears Go!

Your Bear Card tells everybody you've got Mercer pride!

For Parents

You'll like the Bear Bucks Account because it's easy, convenient, it makes good financial sense, and it keeps you connected to your student's Mercer University experience.

With the Bear Bucks Account you can:

  • Accurately budget to meet your student's estimated expenses
  • Set up a deposit schedule to better manage your student's money
  • Feel comfortable knowing that your student can only spend on and off campus at locations approved by Mercer University
  • Stay connected to your student by following the latest campus happening

For Faculty/Staff

Welcome! We're happy to extend to you all of the benefits of the Bear Card and Bear Bucks Account. Now it's easier than ever to use the Bear Bucks Account to buy what you need off campus.

For Merchants

Merchants. You're the core of our Bear Bucks Account program. Whether you're simply seeking more information, or are interested in joining the local Bear Bucks Account network, we'd like to hear from you. So get in touch and we'll respond right away. Please call 1.888.381.8054, option 5, with any questions.