Alarm Services

Burglar/Fire 24 Hour Monitoring

Mercer's Auxiliary Service offices offers security solutions for all of Mercer University campuses, including Bear Card door access, burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV/DVR video surveillance systems with 24 hour monitoring.

Please note: Subscribers to alarm services are responsible for all associated telecommunication charges which will be billed seperately by IT department. Analog phone lines $390.00 anually. Cell monitoring available through Auxiliary Services $175.00 anually. 

Burglar Alarm Codes

Requests for Alarm Codes and Code Changes can be submitted via email to Please provide employee name, location, MUID, office number and account number to charge. New codes are $50.00 per request. Please note that alarm codes will not be completed with the submission of incomplete information.

Repair or Installation

Requests for Repair service should be made in writing to the Office of Auxiliary Services. Email requests are acceptable. Please submit to and include the budget code for the responsible department.


Monitoring fees are $605.00 per year - includes cell communications. Quotes for a new installation or to upgrade your systems are FREE OF CHARGE! Email us today to set up an appointment.