Work Order Request

Please submit a work order request for NON EMERGENCY issues only.

For after hours or in case of an EMERGENCY (a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action) contact Mercer Police at 478-301-2970.

All work requests will be prioritized according to the nature of the problem.

When an issue is received it is assigned a priority level. Within each priority level, work is assigned primarily on a first-in - first-out basis, subject to efficient coordination of work and availability of material. As requests are received, they will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

Priority One: Emergency

Do not submit this form.  Contact Auxiliary Services or emergency personnel.

Priority Two: Urgent

Work is important, but does not qualify as emergent, requiring special scheduling or coordination or equipment failures that prevent normal work schedule.

Priority Three:  High

Work is important in nature but is not urgent.  Will be completed within three (3) working days.

Priority Four: Normal

Tasks that do not pose a threat to life, property, research, or serious disruption to the operation of Mercer University. Processed in the order in which they are received.